The food and beverage that I tried in Japan

It is a throwback post, indeed! I love to eat nice food, who aren't? I would like to share to all of you even though you may think these food are simple or you tried before. Who has no the first time?

The sad thing is we didn't eat sushi. We've cancelled one of our Tsukiji market plan. I heard most of the traveler encouraged this place to try their sushi and seafood. Owh I missed the chance, fine, let me visit there next time!

1. Red Bean Muachi (Normally we called this, isn't it? :D)

If you don't know what's muachi, you can called it as a snack, red bean snack. I bought it at the Nakamise Toari Street (仲見世通り). You will think that is a simple snack, for me, this is a different taste you tried in another country to eat muachi. 

2. Fruit pancake 

Pancake and waffle are the food trend around the world nowadays. You aren't hard to find a delicious pancake in Klang Valley area. But this pancake, is not belong to me at the moment, but Ashley. This cafe called 'Miyabi Cafe', located nearby Akihabara. We bought some buns and we ordered some main courses, this pancake costs 1000 yen, it's worth to try! 

3. Wau Mentaiko seafood pasta

This is one of the main course which I mention above. This is my food, haha! I think this pasta may not find in local Japanese/western restaurant, it cost 800 yen. Any good food is worth to try although we know it's expensive haha! I couldn't clearly describe how was the taste like, there's cheese, prawn, a-bit-cabonara-taste, 

4. Mc Donald's cherry drink

We tried Japanese Mc Donald, yes this is Mc D, located in Akihabara Station! Some of their western franchise F&B menu are really interesting (Starbucks is the one of them), their menu either changed or added something new during the season. Such as the Spring in Japan, their McD has some limited edition F&B, like this cherry drink. I've ordered it with Michelle, but Michelle ordered the limited edition burger.(i've no the picture) It cost 100yen, mini-sized drink, enough for me, I just want to try the taste. I am not recommend this drink if you see this in Japan McD, the taste was like the liquid medicine. Owh, cherry be like this, okay hahahah! 

5. Tsukemen (one of my favourite! )

I couldn't wait to eat it again, subarashi! This restaurant called 風雲児, it provide ramen and tsukemen only. This was recommended by Yurii! Thanks Yurii bring us to try this super tasty tsukemen! The portion is really big and it cost 1000yen (RM34++) The noodle size has small to big, we choose the big, small and medium look like 'yee mee'. I recommend you to choose the big size noodle. This is their famous dishes, you should try it when you visit in Shinjuku. Hopefully this dish come to Malaysia one day, I love it so much! x

6. Beef Don 

Dinner in Sukiya Restaurant, Odawara. That was the time we are on the way going back to Tokyo from Hakone. Jia Yau bring us to this Japanese Don franchise restaurant, and he recommend us to try their Don. I chose the beef don with tofu. This franchise restaurant available in Malaysia too, I just know one of the restaurant in Melaka and another one in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. You guys can go and try it, it's quite cheap if you compare to other Japanese restaurant's don. I tried it at IOI City Mall, taste not bad, but this one I tried at Odawara is better than IOI City Mall's haha. Beef don become one of my favourite Japanese food currently. x 

I've no the proper addresses for the shop which I listed above, you can google those location names with bold and blue fonts. x